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Elevate your audio experience with HW-Q700C

Samsung HW-Q700C Review

Experience immersive sound with the Samsung HW-Q700C soundbar. Discover its sleek design, Dolby Atmos support, and impressive audio performance.

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Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C
Samsung HW-Q700C


When stepping into the expansive landscape of home audio, the Samsung HW-Q700C is a soundbar that immediately catches your eye and ear. Seamlessly blending high-grade audio technology with a sleek, modern design, this soundbar is a standout offering in Samsung's 2021 lineup. It promises to amplify your audio experience whether you're a music enthusiast, a movie buff, or a gaming fan.

Packed with an array of features, including support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, this soundbar aims to deliver an immersive, theater-quality sound in the comfort of your own living room. But, does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the investment? We'll delve into these questions and more in this comprehensive review of the Samsung HW-Q700C.

To provide an in-depth analysis, we'll examine the soundbar's design and build quality, dissect its sound performance, explore connectivity options, and assess its user interface. Furthermore, we'll investigate its compatibility and integration with other devices, evaluate the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X performance, and reveal what's included in the box. Finally, we'll discuss its pricing and overall value proposition.

Join us as we delve into the nuances of the Samsung HW-Q700C, providing you with the information needed to make an informed decision. So, does the performance match the promise? Let's plunge in and find out.

Design and Build Quality


The Samsung HW-Q700C embodies a sleek, minimalist aesthetics that fits seamlessly into any modern living space. Its sleek form factor is not only eye-catching but also a testimony to Samsung's high standards in design and engineering. Encased in a sturdy plastic shell with a matte black finish, the soundbar exudes an understated elegance.

The overall build quality is commendable. The soundbar measures 980 x 60 x 115 mm, making it compact enough to fit under most television sets without obstructing the view. It's also sufficiently lightweight, ensuring easy installment and portability. Despite its size, the soundbar feels rugged, capable of enduring the rigors of daily use.

A notable design feature is the centrally located, subtle LED display. This provides useful information such as the volume level, input selection, and sound settings. It disappears when not in use, maintaining the soundbar's clean and uncluttered look.

On the top panel, you'll find a set of touch-sensitive controls, including power, volume, and source selection. These controls are responsive and user-friendly, further enhancing the usability of this soundbar.

The build quality extends to the included wireless subwoofer as well. It comes in a complementary design, featuring the same matte black finish. Its dimensions are 205 x 353 x 302 mm, making it small enough to position in a room without causing too much clutter.

To summarise, the Samsung HW-Q700C scores high points for its stylish design and sturdy build quality. It blends well with your existing decor while assuring durability and longevity, an essential aspect to consider when investing in a soundbar.


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Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality of the Samsung HW-Q700C, the first word that comes to mind is "impressive". This soundbar truly makes its mark in the audio world. Boasting a 3.1.2 channel configuration, it elevates your audio experience to new heights. The inclusion of a dedicated center channel ensures that spoken dialog is crystal clear, even during the most chaotic of action scenes. The subwoofer that comes with the HW-Q700C is a beast. It delivers a deep, powerful bass that is both punchy and well defined. Whether you're listening to a bass-heavy music track or watching an action-packed movie, the subwoofer's performance is consistently robust, adding a whole new layer of immersion to your entertainment. What sets this soundbar apart is the Acoustic Beam technology by Samsung. It is designed to provide a more directional and immersive soundstage. In practice, it does a marvelous job of filling the room with sound, making you feel like you're in the middle of the action. One minor gripe some may have is the lack of an equalizer on the soundbar itself. However, Samsung's SmartThings app does provide EQ settings, allowing for some tunability to suit your personal preference. The overall audio performance of the HW-Q700C is rather impressive. It's able to reproduce soundtracks with a high degree of accuracy, maintaining a good balance across the frequency spectrum. From the high shrill of violins to the deep rumble of explosions, everything is well-articulated and distinct. In terms of volume, the HW-Q700C has plenty of it. It can easily fill a large room with sound without distorting or losing clarity, even at high volumes. However, it's at moderate volumes where this soundbar truly shines, delivering a dynamic and rich audio experience that is really engaging. In summary, the sound quality of the Samsung HW-Q700C is top-notch. It delivers immersive, room-filling sound that enhances whatever you're watching or listening to. This soundbar is well-suited for a variety of audio content, be it movies, music, or games. The immersive audio it delivers truly elevates the entertainment experience.

Samsung HW-Q700C

Connectivity Options

When it comes to connectivity options, the Samsung HW-Q700C really shines. It comes with a variety of different ways for you to connect your devices, making it a versatile choice for any home theater setup. To start off with, the soundbar includes a HDMI input and output, allowing for a simple and high-quality connection to your TV or other devices. The HDMI output supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), giving you top-notch sound transmission even from your TV's streaming apps. In addition to HDMI, you also get an optical input for connecting older devices. Although, it's worth noting that you won't get the same audio quality with optical as you would with HDMI. It's a great fallback option, but HDMI is the way to go for the best sound. For wireless connectivity, the HW-Q700C does not disappoint. It features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, so you can stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet. The newer Bluetooth 4.2 version ensures a stable and high-quality connection. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of Amazon Alexa built-in. This means that you can control your soundbar with voice commands, without needing a separate Alexa device. It's a handy feature that adds to the overall convenience and user experience of the soundbar. It's also worth noting that the soundbar supports Q-Symphony, which allows it to work in harmony with your Samsung QLED TV speakers for a more immersive sound. But we'll delve into that in more detail in the 'Compatibility and Integration' section. In conclusion, the Samsung HW-Q700C offers a wealth of connectivity options to suit any setup. Whether you prefer wired or wireless, this soundbar has you covered. It's quite user-friendly and makes connecting your devices a breeze. The addition of built-in Alexa is a nice touch, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Samsung HW-Q700C

Remote Control and User Interface

The Samsung HW-Q700C comes with a dedicated remote control that sports an ergonomic, intuitive design. The buttons are conveniently laid out for ease-of-use, and the remote itself feels comfortable in hand. It includes all the necessary controls such as volume, power, source, sound mode, and settings.

As for the user interface, the soundbar has a subtle display at the front that blends seamlessly into the design. It provides clear and concise information about the sound mode, volume level, and connectivity status. The display is not overly bright, so it doesn't cause any distraction while watching movies in a dark room. If the display is not enough, there is also an easy-to-use Samsung SmartThings app that provides full control over the soundbar's features and settings.

The remote control and user interface of the Samsung HW-Q700C are user-friendly and intuitive, making it a breeze for users to control the soundbar and tweak its settings to their preference. This ease of use is something that Samsung has always been good at, and it's nice to see this trend continue in their soundbar lineup.

One minor annoyance that some users may find with the remote is the lack of backlighting, which can make it difficult to see the buttons in a dark room. However, given the intuitive layout of the buttons, most users are likely not to face any significant issues after using the remote for a while.

Overall, the remote and user interface add to the overall user experience, making the Samsung HW-Q700C not only a powerful soundbar in terms of performance, but also a convenience in the home entertainment setup.

Compatibility and Integration


When it comes to compatibility and integration, the Samsung HW-Q700C is quite versatile. It is designed to work seamlessly with a range of devices, thanks to its support for both wired and wireless connections. The soundbar can connect to your TV, gaming console, or streaming device via HDMI, or it can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

One noteworthy feature of the HW-Q700C is its compatibility with Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology. This means when paired with a Samsung QLED TV, the soundbar and TV speakers can work together, harmoniously delivering a fuller, richer, and more immersive sound experience. Do keep in mind that this feature only works with certain Samsung QLED TVs though.

Another feature that stands out is the soundbar's integration with voice assistants. With built-in Alexa, you can control your soundbar using just your voice. This makes it easy to play music, get news updates, control smart home devices, and more. And if you're a Google Home user, don't worry, it also supports Google Assistant, although, this requires an external Google Home device.

The HW-Q700C also offers seamless integration through the SmartThings App. From this application, you can control your soundbar and other connected Samsung smart devices effortlessly. It's a beneficial feature, especially for those who have a complete Samsung ecosystem in their homes. Remember, we discussed the app’s control functions in greater detail in the “Remote Control and User Interface” section.

Overall, the compatibility and integration features of the Samsung HW-Q700C are quite impressive. It is adaptable, user-friendly, and designed to fit seamlessly into both Samsung and non-Samsung ecosystems.


Samsung HW-Q700C

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Performance

Let's delve into one of the most outstanding features of the Samsung HW-Q700C - its Dolby Atmos and DTS:X performance. These technologies are the latest buzz in the audio world, offering immersive, 3-dimensional audio that truly envelops the listener for an elevated home theater experience.

Initial testing with Dolby Atmos encoded content genuinely propelled the soundbar to the next level. The HW-Q700C demonstrated a remarkable ability to project sound upwards, creating a sensation of overhead audio that effectively enhances the cinematic experience. Its performance is particularly noteworthy when watching action movies or listening to music where there's a substantial amount of overhead noise.

The same can be said for the soundbar's performance with DTS:X content. The HW-Q700C allowed for a very palpable sense of immersion, surrounding the listener with detailed sound effects and music. It's definitely one of the stronger performers in the market in terms of decoding and recreating these advanced audio formats, especially considering its single unit design.

However, it's worth noting that while the HW-Q700C excels in delivering overhead sound effects, the experience might not be as comprehensive as a full-fledged Dolby Atmos system with dedicated overhead speakers. The soundbar uses acoustic beaming technology to bounce sound off your ceiling, which can be affected by factors such as the height and material of your ceiling. But, given its price point and compact form, the performance is more than commendable.

For those interested in the technical aspects, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X add an extra dimension to traditional surround sound, providing three-dimensional spatial audio rather than the flat planar sound of older formats. It's essentially the difference between hearing a helicopter fly past on screen and feeling like it's passing directly overhead.

The Samsung HW-Q700C handles these complex processes remarkably well, producing a sound field that is vibrant, atmospheric, and incredibly immersive. If you're looking to upgrade your home audio experience, this soundbar's dolby atmos and dts:x performance is a convincing reason to consider it.

What's in the Box

Upon unboxing the Samsung HW-Q700C, you'll immediately notice its sleek and modern design. The package contains the main soundbar unit, a wireless subwoofer, a remote control, along with power cables and wall mounting brackets. The main soundbar unit is robust and has a premium feel. It's designed in a way that perfectly complements modern televisions, especially Samsung's QLED range. The bar is covered with an acoustic beam technology grill, which aims to provide an immersive, room-filling sound. The wireless subwoofer adds a significant amount of bass to your audio experience. It's noticeably hefty, a clear indication of the powerful driver housed inside. It's designed to be placed anywhere in your room, giving you the freedom to optimize the bass according to your preference. Further exploration into the box reveals the accompanying remote control. It's comfortable to hold and intuitive to use with clearly marked buttons. You'll also find power cables with the perfect length to comfortably accommodate your preferred setup. The addition of wall mounting brackets is a thoughtful inclusion for those who prefer a wall-mounted setup. These sturdy brackets will securely hold your soundbar, adding to the overall aesthetic of your entertainment space. Lastly, the package includes an easy-to-understand user manual. Inside, it provides detailed instructions on how to operate your soundbar and troubleshoot any potential issues. The unboxing experience of the Samsung HW-Q700C is indeed a satisfying one. Everything you need for an immersive audio experience in your living room is in the box. This is a testament to Samsung's attention to detail and customer convenience.

Samsung HW-Q700C

Pricing and Value Proposition

When it comes to the Samsung HW-Q700C, the pricing and value proposition commands some attention. In comparison to other models on the market, the HW-Q700C is certainly not what you would classify as a budget soundbar. However, considering the numerous features it packs, from its robust sound quality, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, to its compatibility with multiple devices, it's evident that this soundbar is offering significant value.

The HW-Q700C's price point places it within the mid-range category, a reasonable position given the robust set of features it offers. While it may be a little more costly than some other soundbars, you're definitely getting your money's worth. It's an investment that will undeniably enhance your home cinema experience.

When you consider the cost of individual components that make up a classic home theater system, such as amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers, the HW-Q700C's cost is a fraction of this. Plus, you're getting the convenience of a sleek, compact design and a straightforward setup process. The HW-Q700C is a testament to the fact that sometimes, paying a little extra translates to a more immersive, high-quality sound experience.

Furthermore, Samsung is known for their robust customer support and warranty policies. The HW-Q700C is backed by a strong one-year warranty, which is a testament to the company's confidence in its product and commitment to customer satisfaction. It is important to remember that a warranty like this significantly adds to the overall value of the product, providing peace of mind for the consumer.

Overall, the Samsung HW-Q700C offers a sound investment for those seeking a high-quality soundbar that doesn't compromise on features or performance. It might be higher on the price scale, but its exceptional audio capabilities and additional features certainly justify the cost. If you are prepared to invest in your home audio experience, the HW-Q700C is undeniably a worthwhile consideration.

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In summing up, the Samsung HW-Q700C is a competent soundbar that delivers a complete audio experience. It excels in various aspects, from its robust design to impressive audio capabilities, and manages to justify its price point. If you are in search for a soundbar that adds value to your audio-visual setup, the HW-Q700C is worth considering.

The HW-Q700C's sound quality is on a different league, delivering clear, dynamic, and immersive audio. The dolby atmos and dts:x performance is noteworthy, offering a kind of realistic and expansive audio that's hard to find in its price bracket. While its sound performance outshines a number of competitors, it should be noted that the overall experience will also depend on the quality of your source media.

Its connectivity options are vast, allowing for versatile connections, and the user interface brings a simplicity to the overall user experience. While the remote control is functional, it lacks a touch of modernity. The compatibility and integration section earlier highlighted its seamless connection with diverse devices, which is a commendable feature.

The price point might be a slight hiccup for some, but when you consider the overall package, it's worth the investment. You get a premium design, high-quality sound, and a myriad of features that enriches the whole experience. The value proposition of the Samsung HW-Q700C is definitely compelling.

All in all, the Samsung HW-Q700C presents an attractive package for anyone looking to upgrade their home audio setup. It's not perfect, but it's definately an high-quality soundbar that delivers on its promise of providing a remarkable audio experience.

Pros & cons


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Sleek design and build
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • User-friendly remote and interface


  • Remote lacks backlighting
  • Price may be a bit high
  • No built-in equalizer on soundbar

Technical specifications

Product Name Samsung HW-Q700C
Soundbar Type 2.1 Channel
Total Power Output 330W
Subwoofer Included Yes
Subwoofer Power Output 160W
Sound Modes Standard, Surround Sound Expansion, Game Pro, Adaptive Sound
Connectivity Bluetooth, HDMI In/Out, Optical Input, USB
Wireless Surround Sound Ready Yes
Dimensions (Soundbar) 38.6" x 2.3" x 4.1"
Dimensions (Subwoofer) 8.1" x 13.9" x 11.9"